Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu is an independent photographer who brings perfectionism, elegance, and balance to her self-portraits through her use of mirrors, fruits, and botanical elements.

Shanghai, China

Series: Acceptance and Isolation

Through her images Ziqian places emphasis on form, specifically through the keen placement of items within the frame and the arrangement of her body to produce a seamless, delicate result.

Series: Acceptance and Isolation

Series: Reflection 2

Series: Reflection 1

Series: Reflection 1

Liu began her journey as a photographer in 2018 after completion of her communications management degree in 2015 from the University of Technology, Sydney. What first began as a chance for her to explore her creativity while in search of a stable job quickly became a compelling force that drove her to symbolize her inner desire for harmony and continuity through self-expression. This force unleashed her creative talents which leave an impact on many of those who view her work.

Ziqian Liu, on what led her to photography after graduation:

"I began shooting photos, mainly because of the constant struggle to find a stable job and immediately start the stable life that I wanted at the time. I had been traveling with my friends on and off for a year or two. This experience made me feel a lot of anticipation. Although I got rid of my previous sense of urgency, I really wanted to find a gate to let the emotions that had been deposited in my heart release slowly. So, I picked up the camera.

I became more and more attracted to photography when I discovered it was the easiest way to release my emotions. From then on, I found that a camera, which could record and create and allow me to complete independent projects, was very interesting. I could take images and at the same time, photography can calm my mind, which is one of the main reasons why it attracts me."

Series: Ritual at the Dinner Table

Collaboration with Normann Copenhagen