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Sangsoo Lee

The vibrantly coloured and elegantly crafted sculptures of Sangsoo Lee demonstrate continuity and express an appreciation for animals.

Seoul, Korea

Cat with a Ball

As a fond observer of animals and nature, Sangsoo uses his talents to reveal the beauty of simplicity. It is said that his work resembles "drawing in the air".


Parrot 2

Siamese Cat

Abstract Shape 2

Dachshund 2

How long have you been an artist, and what did you do prior to making art?

20 years. [I used to] watch videos of animals and make sketches.

What motivates you to create?

It's an idea that comes to mind. It passes through your head like lightning in an instant. In order not to forget it, I remember it and make it exist by working on it.

"My work tends to focus on sensuous forms"

You draw your ideas using digital paintings and then you make them in real life. Why do you choose to sculpt them?

The painting is in an imaginary space, but the sculpture is real. You can see, you can touch, and you can feel the air. It exists as human beings exist. Since we live in a three-dimensional space, it is attractive to do three-dimensional art.


Walking People

Horse 5


A lot of your work is of animals and nature. Do you love animals?

I like to observe animals. Each animal has their own characteristics. It is the mystery of nature and the homage of evolution.

Do you have any pets?

I do not have pets. However, there are many cats around my studio. I like cats the most.

What materials do you use to make your sculptures?

For small works less than 1 meter in size, I use plastic material, and for larger ones, I use stainless steel.

Lovely Yellow


Colouring Process

After Coloring

Cat with Ball




How would you describe your artwork?

Usually, a drawing made on a two-dimensional paint board is reproduced in a three-dimensional space. The lines in the space are constructed as if they are moving, and the shape is formed to induce interest in the work. Lines, planes, and colors are important elements in my work. The expression method consisting of minimal lines is formatively light, and the four sides of the square pillars are visually enriched through bright colors.

Horse 4


Flamingo: Ready to Colour


Has your work changed over the years?

In the past, I worked on human philosophy or the essence of art. However, those things made the work obsolete, and neither the work nor the process became fun.