Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox’s unique conceptual talent paired with in-camera and post-production techniques bring harmony and originality to his photographic creations.

Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Series: Interconnectivity

Rob’s goal is to capture the imaginative and eccentric scenes that reflect the dreams and real experiences he encounters throughout his life. He combines stunning body poses, nature, beautiful architecture, and vivid colours to create breathtaking imagery representative of conceptual, fine art, and fashion photography.

"When I see that something is created with true passion, I recognize the beauty in it. Rawness, dedication, sincerity - that is beauty for me."

Capturing Vulnerability through Photography with Rob Woodcox - Presented by betr Media:

Reflection from the Series: Conceptual

Time Travel and The Wave from the Series: Conceptual

Human Tetris from the Series: Conceptual

Portals and Pods from the Series: Conceptual

Human Arc and Tree of Life from the Series: Conceptual

NY State of Mind from the Series: Conceptual