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Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox’s unique conceptual talent paired with in-camera and post-production techniques bring harmony and originality to his photographic creations.

Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Series: Interconnectivity

Rob’s goal is to capture the imaginative and eccentric scenes that reflect the dreams and real experiences he encounters throughout his life. He combines stunning body poses, nature, beautiful architecture, and vivid colours to create breathtaking imagery representative of conceptual, fine art, and fashion photography.

"When I see that something is created with true passion, I recognize the beauty in it. Rawness, dedication, sincerity - that is beauty for me."

Capturing Vulnerability through Photography with Rob Woodcox - Presented by betr Media:

Reflection from the Series: Conceptual

Time Travel and The Wave from the Series: Conceptual

Human Tetris from the Series: Conceptual

Portals and Pods from the Series: Conceptual

Human Arc and Tree of Life from the Series: Conceptual

NY State of Mind from the Series: Conceptual

Rob received an Associates Degree in photography from Michigan’s Washtenaw College in 2013. Since then, he has organized and instructed numerous workshops around the globe to share his dedication and passion for photography with aspiring and established photographers by providing the skills and resources necessary for creative and professional development.

Rob Woodcox on how he began photography:

“At 19, when I began photography in college, I was shooting about 4-5 times a week experimentally, just for the sheer love of the craft. I’d never found an outlet to express my dreams and emotions quite like capturing portraits. I spent two and a half years getting an Associates degree in photography, but after school, at artist meet-ups, and during travels is where I really put my skills to the test.”

“I’ve always seen life through an imaginative lens, so when I discovered photography it became the most rewarding method of turning my dreams into reality.”

He creates visual stories as a way to connect with people and strives to capture imagery that reflects fragments of his imagination and life experiences, merging the realms between dreams, memory, and reality.

“My soul longs for discovery and adventure, and thus my photographs tend to reflect that spirit.”

“Each photo idea is a declaration of my experience and strives to tell a meaningful story to each person that views it. Beyond telling a story, it is principal that my photography art contains a purpose to further positive change in humanity. As I continue to create, I am passionate about furthering awareness of people in need and would love to collaborate with other creators to make a positive difference in the world!”

“Life is an incredible journey, one filled with endless beauty and magic if we open our eyes to it. I hope my photo manipulations open your eyes to the freedom and strength within yourself.”

Abundance from the Series: Conceptual

NY State of Mind 2 from the Series: Conceptual

El Espíritu Asciende 2 from the Series: Conceptual

From the Series: We Are Particles

Heat Wave and The Tower From the Series: Conceptual

“I believe we are all responsible for spreading truth and hope, however we can. Artists hold a special power in this way because they rely on more than just words or personal connections—they can tap into universal languages that have potential to reach vast audiences.”
“I believe all artists should make a statement for change with their creativity, whether it's simply an expression of beauty or a direct exclamation to change based on a specific cause.”

Rob’s philosophy is to create art that has an impactful and positive change. He does this by establishing a “unique perspective that puts human connectivity and beauty on the forefront while discussing the current state of the world.”

“The world is full of pain and suffering, yet it’s also a beautiful oasis waiting to be shared and explored. I like to focus on the sharing and exploring aspects, to bring light to the communities around me that need encouragement and support.”

“My purpose in photographing is to share my deepest truths, my most authentic self with the world. Being an artist is like a political act against common culture and doing what is expected; I have grown tired of our corrupt society and politics and I think sharing a brighter version of how life could be through my art is the best way to respond without contributing to the negative culture.”

From the Series: We Are Particles

Fluid Love

From the Series: We Are Particles

As an established photographer for a number of years, Rob has developed the skills and mentality necessary to succeed and fulfill a career as a full-time independent photographer; in addition to being a mentor for young creatives while practicing allyship and raising awareness for members of various communities. Since the start of his photographic journey in 2009, Rob has learned a great deal about himself and others through this craft. Below he shares some tips for current and budding photographers.

“As we travel and teach various different students, I want to pass on the idea that any individual can pursue the path they desire no matter how large or small those ambitions may seem to the people or culture around them. Many of our students are young, just starting in photography or they may be veterans looking to regain inspiration. Many people lack the courage of just taking a leap towards what they wish to do. Don’t give up on your dreams and desires for your career.”

“As you progress as an artist, only share with others the things you really enjoy doing and want to do more of. If you want to shoot engagements and not senior portraits, share engagement photographs. If you want to do fine art, share fine art and not engagements. From the very start, you are establishing an identity for yourself, and as you progress people will latch onto the vision they’ve formed of you from the beginning. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and create from within, and by doing so I believe you’ll lead the most fulfilled life possible.”

He also shared 3 best-practices for aspiring Fine Art Photographers: