Nhu Quynh Le

The eye-catching styles of Nhu Quynh Le's work demonstrate her enthusiasm for make-up and her efforts to try new creative things.

Czech Republic

Nhu has produced an assortment of looks and enjoys experimenting with her make-up kit. As a person who is influenced by a variety of sources, she expresses her talent through her ability to transform her ideas into creative looks that often inspire others to replicate her creations.

Is there anything in particular you do to incite a creative spark?

It really depends, I usually scroll through social media not necessarily to look for inspo, I let it happen organically. Lately I just sit down and let my hands do all the business, if I am lost then I go back to Instagram, TikTok, or even my own gallery and try to look for guidance.

Do you find inspiration in your environment or from places you've been?

I have always been very interested in architecture and geometry. I love symmetry, I love exploring new shapes and etc. I am more of an abstract creative person and I am very much influenced by what is around me; not only do I use anything as a source of inspiration, but surroundings can also affect mental health, mood and so on.

How long have you been an artist or producing artistic work?

I honestly never and still don't consider myself one. I'd rather say enthusiast, someone, who enjoys art itself. I spend most of my days with a brush in my hand [but] before makeup I wanted to study either graphic design or architecture. I never pursued that path so this is my first time actually putting myself out there.

Have you had other creative interests different from what you do now?

My biggest dream was to become an architect, I always wanted to leave a mark on this planet, before I go. But I enjoy anything creative, I love embroidery, I am trying to learn how to sew, the list goes on :)