Martha Butterworth

Vagus Magazine Fall 2021 Feature Story

Martha Butterworth is a makeup artist and nature enthusiast who explores organic looks through her use of flower petals as lip, eye, or face accessories.

Cambridge, UK


Her makeup artistry is not limited to solely the face, but rather extends to the ears, hands, and other non-conventional body parts for makeup.

When did you begin to express your talent as a makeup artist?

I qualified as a Makeup Artist in 2016. I originally qualified as a Graphic Designer after doing four years at Art college, but it wasn’t what I’d hoped it’d be and didn’t give me the creative freedom I craved. Over the last few years, I had become increasingly interested in fashion editorials from a photographic and makeup perspective and felt it was something I wanted to do. So I took myself back to college and did Beauty Therapy followed by theatrical special effects, media hair and makeup.

Why are you interested in this field of art?

I am genuinely interested in art. I really enjoyed everything at college and found it difficult to choose a specialist option. I love to draw and paint and love working with colour and using 3D elements, especially from nature. I liked the idea of using the face and body as a canvas and seeing how makeup can be used in a positive way to express someone’s identity.