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Lotte Schriek

Vagus Magazine Winter 2021 Feature Story

Lotte Schriek is a fashion photographer who seeks to empower women through bold colours, exuberant landscapes, and enthralling angles.

Holland, Netherlands

She likes to combine different styles and mostly takes fashion & editorial pictures, but "loves to experiment on the artsy side too". The capabilities of her creative vision are shown through her diverse portfolio.

What interested you in photography, and when did your journey as a photographer begin?

I just loved aesthetic elements coming together and what images make me feel like. I find it fascinating that you freeze that particular moment forever, even if it’s staged and thought out.

I started taking photos around the age of 7. I borrowed my dad’s old camera and took pictures of my neighbourhood, animals, and my childhood friends. I started my photography seriously around the age of 18.

How did you learn photography?

I’m mostly self-taught. I’ve learned a lot from YouTube and just practicing my skills. I’ve never been afraid to try out new things and then miserably fail, because then I knew I had to practice a bit more with that particular aspect. I’m still learning new things with almost every shoot!

I also got the opportunity to assist an amazing photographer for 3 months so I could learn more about the business side of photography. He taught me how to use strobes for the first time.

Where do you find team members to collaborate with?

Social media is a great tool to find creatives in different areas. I even managed to find team members in different countries such as Switzerland and Portugal to collaborate!

How do you develop your concepts from the idea stage through to shoot day?

I always start my ideas with 1 element of the shoot such as the model, location, mood, or feeling. Then I do research to find the best fit with the other elements. When all the elements come together I start planning my shoot and editing days.

During the editing process, what photos do you find yourself gravitating towards?

I like the photos that make me react in a certain way. If I don’t feel anything while scrolling through the photos, it isn’t the right fit.

Are there any statements or feelings you aim to express with the work you create?

I always empower women in my work. I find it very important to portray them as confident, fierce, and taking up their space.

When looking at your own portfolio, how would you describe your work? What stands out to you as a recurring theme?

Feminine, powerful, and warm.

I’ve always been into fashion, so fashion photography felt like a natural choice I grew into

What has been a memorable experience for you as an artist?

Shooting in the Swiss mountains with my dear friends. The weather was amazing, the surroundings were absolutely gorgeous, and it was such a fun day that got us an amazing end result.

With respect to your creative career, are there any milestones that you’ve reached or accomplishments that you are proud of?

There are a few: my first exhibition in Amsterdam, my interview in &C magazine, and shooting campaigns for multiple Dutch brands.

What do you hope to see for yourself and your work in the future?

Eventually, I hope I can bring my work to the table with the big guys in the industry such as Gucci, Fendi, Jacquemus, Bottega, etc.

If you could talk to a younger version of yourself when you were first breaking into the fashion photography industry, what advice would you give to yourself?

Keep doing what you’re doing right now, because it works.

In the process of creating work, what have you learned about yourself?

It sounds really cliché but: don’t compare yourself to others. I could get really frustrated when I saw so many talented photographers doing the most amazing jobs and projects. But constantly comparing myself and my achievements with others is very draining and blocks my creativity and success in the end. I still do it sometimes but I keep reminding myself that it won’t bring me any further and definitely won’t help me reach my goals.

You can view more of Lotte's work on her Instagram profile (Instagram: @lotte.schriek) and official website: This interview was originally published in Issue 4 of Vagus Magazine: Steady Assurance

View the full digital Magazine on our ISSUU profile. Order prints of Issue 4 on MagCloud.

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