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Langston Amadi

Langston Amadi is a creative director and photographer who uses a combination of techniques to express his unique ability to compose photos.

Los Angeles, California

Purpose, October 2020

After a recent move to Los Angeles from his hometown in Atlanta, Langston plans to use his talents to reach higher levels and further express his creativity, make new connections, and embark on a new journey.

The Path Ahead, March 2020

Reflection from Langston,

on an interesting place he's been to:

One of my most memorable adventures so far has been to Brooklyn’s 2017 Afropunk. It was absolutely incredible. I drove up to New York from Atlanta, and it being my first time in NYC, the energy was that much more amazing. Everyone was smiling, happy and excited for the upcoming performances. I was backstage both days and met everyone I wanted to meet. It really was a magical experience.

Palette, August 2020

I have been creating since I could first pick up a marker. Creating new works of art is how I express my inner world. It’s an honor to allow different intentions and ideas to flow through me.

When did you start producing creative work?

Professionally I have been creating art for 3 years. Starting at the end of 2017, I created 100 works of art in 30 days and wanted to start sharing my craft online. From there I started collaborating with fellow creators on different projects, and exploring the art in different mediums.

Truth, July 2020

Azul, June 2020

Riverbed, January 2020

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as art that represents people loving the person in the mirror. Very whole, honest and appreciative. The main intention of my craft is to highlight the beauty of the world’s people. With all of the duplicates and reflection styles, each work of art represents love for every aspect of oneself.

Geyser Spring, October 2019

Behind the creation of Geyser Spring:

"With Rico Nasty’s work of art, Geyser Spring, the intention was to multiply her energy. In all of Rico’s records she is very present. Making herself known to the listener and standing directly in front of the camera is a part of her persona. With this work of art I wanted to show Rico as being up close and personal with the viewer. Convey that she has something to say. Upon finishing the piece I was very excited. It was one of the first works I created in that style and have used it many times since."

Direction, February 2020

In the process of creating work, what have you learned about yourself?

Throughout my creative journey thus far I have learned a lot about what it means to create. I can be creative with my art, my schedule, exercise regimen; anything. Being creative in one aspect opens up room for spontaneity in another. For example, by creating visual works of art I have inspired myself to create mixes for artists to listen to while they make their magic. My music mixes ‘Music To Create To’ can be found on my website and on Soundcloud

Paradise Isle, December 2019

Light, October 2019

Full Light Spectrum, January 2020

Describe how your work has changed over the years.

The art really changes on a day to rhythm. The places I go, new music I find, and favorite photographs at the moment all influence my creative process and how I interpret the craft.

All Clothing, February 2020

Where do you hope to be in the near present future?

My recent move to Los Angeles from Atlanta is major for me. It is something I have been planning for a while. This year has encouraged me to grow and expand in my experience. I have a lot more stories to share and people to connect with. With all of the new energy I am planning my creative growth with film and music production.

Thank you very much for the love. To see my work and get in touch please visit my online gallery!

Portfolio Website:

Instagram: @langstonamadi

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