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Jenya Datsko

Meet Jenya Datsko, an illustrator who uses watercolours, acrylics, and digital programs to escape reality and portray feminine freedom.

Valencia, Spain

Autumn, September 2020

Inspired by nature, people, music, light, and early mornings, Jenya uses her alone time to create magical moments and put women at the forefront of her illustrations.

Embracing Earth, August 2020

Underwater Treasure, June 2020

Night Swimming, June 2020

Note from Jenya, on a previous career experience:

As long as I remember myself I always loved to draw, but I've been seriously dedicated to art for the last 5 years. I have a financial background and work experience in finance. However, I always tried to find time for creative work and interesting art projects.

Working Process (Acrylic & Oils), April 2020

Acrylic Painting, March 2020

Morning, December 2019

Magic Night, June 2018

When did you start producing creative work?

I have been drawing since I was a child, but seriously I started to draw in 2016, when I moved to Spain. New culture, new life pushed me to start a new stage, but since then I do it without long breaks like before and I am constantly trying to improve.

Sometimes when I start to create I don't know what will come at the end. I just listen to music and dream up. I have 5 songs that inspire me a lot and can listen to it constantly on repeat while creating!

While making your artwork, how do you feel?

Disconnection with the real world.

Take Me Away, November 2020

Too Alien for Earth, December 2020

Drive Me Crazy, November 2020

Why do you choose the colour palettes you use?

Mostly I do watercolor and digital illustrations. I started to work with watercolors and ink, these mediums are vibrant and dynamic. Later when I started to work digital, I tried to save these lines and movements in my illustrations. I want people who watch my art to feel the lightness and magic of the moment.

I do not use the limited colour palette, it depends on the mood I want to share. For example, during the quarantine period I used a lot of green colours, and I guess due to lockdown I wanted to escape with all my body and soul to nature and fresh air, and maybe that's why these illustrations resonated so much with people.

What mediums/programs do you use to create your illustrations?

Watercolor & Ink if I paint manually, and for digital work I use Procreate.

Also I work with acrylic and oils, but for these mediums I choose different themes to draw in a more abstract style.

Moonlight, June 2020

Underwater, July 2020

Full Moon, June 2020

Process, March 2020

In the process of creating, what have you learned about yourself?

The process of creating really helped me to discover myself. I understood that I have the creativity and courage that I thought I never had or didn't have enough of. You just you have to let the process lead you and you will discover a lot of potential in yourself.

How do you want to impact others who view your work?

I draw only women and in my illustrations I show that a woman can be free, funny, dreamy, curious, and awkward sometimes. In my works I try to capture the beauty of the day to day life of modern women and self love. It makes me very happy when people associate themselves with my illustrations. And this feedback is the most rewarding experience for me as an artist.

Self Love, December 2019

Full Moon Night, August 2017

Freedom, April 2020

In the Depth of the Night, June 2020

See more of Jenya's creations on her Instagram page!

Instagram: @j.datsko

Purchase her artwork online at TeePublic and Etsy!

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