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Eveling Salazar

Eveling is a 3D artist who is fond of the colour pink. She combines geometric shapes and iridescent hues to make surreal artwork and express joy.

Lima, Peru


Eveling uses her emotions to guide her 3D creations. She is also an instructor on Skillshare and Domestika.

Monet - c

Monet - a


You tend to use pink in many of your works, why does this colour appeal to you?

The first reason is that pink comes closest to what I want to convey: beauty, delicacy, love, joy, sensitivity, optimism, and creativity, which encompasses some of the concepts that I use to create.

Pink inspires me, and I feel it flows freely when choosing my colour palette. From a designer's point of view, it is a way to show my creative identity and my personal brand to the world.

What elements do you often add to your 3D designs, and do they symbolize anything for you?

One of my pillars when creating 3D art is exploration; this opens the opportunity to use an infinite number of elements, but important elements that are part of my brand as a 3D artist are geometric shapes, especially the sphere, and the colour pink.

Geometric figures are the basis for most of my compositions, the sphere is one of my favourites. I start with some of them and make more complex compositions. The pink colour palette adds a magical and distinctive atmosphere. It is key to expressing myself and my identity.

Stripes are also seen throughout your artwork, what do you like about stripes?

One of my main sources of inspiration is Art History; Op Art and Memphis style. I believe adding prominence to geometric figures in combination with other elements can be a powerful form of communication and adds appeal to my art.

The power of creation through geometric shapes interests me, and I find it exciting to discover new ways to create, test, play and see how they intertwine through 3D. That is what catches my attention, inspires me, and motivates me to incorporate it in my compositions.

Car Radio



What was it like to create your first NFT? And can you describe the meanings behind them?

My first NFT was a unique experience, as it was a very new subject to me and one that I was just learning about. I was motivated by the future and the new technological artistic opportunities that are opening up lately. It was difficult for me to understand this new way of exhibiting my art, but it was truly a learning experience that I immersed myself in.

The NFTs are called 'Bright World for Dark Times' and 'More Love'.

They are associated with the concepts in my artistic mind and demonstrate what I want to reflect through my renderings; optimism towards the future, joy, fun, and love.

Both works were curated by women I admire; Paris Hilton (@parishilton) and Alycia Rainaud @maalavida, so I am super happy to be a part of this new world of NFTs.

View the NFT's here:

How did you become an instructor on Skillshare and Domestika, and what has it been like to share your knowledge of 3D design with others?

Fortunately, Skillshare and Domestika contacted me to do courses and I am very happy that I accepted. Sharing what I know is something that I did not expect to do but it has been an incredible experience. The highlight of teaching courses is to inspire others to create, and that fills my heart.

When others come across your work, what kind of impact would you like to leave with them?

I am interested in sharing and channeling joy through colours and shapes, creating designs based on feelings, and opening the emotional world to transfer it to an abstract world.

One of my intentions within art is to generate visual sensations connected to basic emotions, such as love and happiness, that can be transformed into a feeling. I believe that art has the power to interpret emotions and create a thought out of them.

This perspective changes depending on the viewer, but that's the magic within the art world. Through my renderings or my abstract work, I try to capture a visual experience that generates a positive reaction and thought.




When did you first start to make 3D artwork?

I started designing in 3D at the beginning of 2019, and from there, I haven't stopped. It fills me with happiness and is something that I love to do.

How did you learn to create 3D artwork?

During my studies of Graphic Design, I was taught the 3D Max course, which motivated me to keep exploring and looking for new 3D software. I explored Cinema 4D on my own and solved certain techniques with the help of YouTube.

It was a bit difficult back then, as there was not as much information as there is now. So, my basic learning of 3D was trial and error, and continuous exploration.

Why do you express your creativity through 3D?

I feel deeply connected with 3D tools and software. My desire to explore new techniques and express myself through a third dimension motivates me a lot.

The potential of the tool is infinite, and experimenting with it envelops me in a new imaginary world crossing the line between the real and the surreal, which excites me.

I'm amazed by what can be created. I love to live in awe and discover new things every day. 3D is completely part of my creative process, and I feel that creating 3D art is part of me.




What type of things inspire your work, and how do you translate your inspiration into a finished product?

For me, inspiration can come from everywhere. I'm inspired by the intangible as well as by every day, unknown, or new things. But there are always some sources of inspiration that are inherent to my creative process: Music and Art history.

There is a lot of richness in those two subjects, a lot to explore, and a lot to learn. Sources that have something to contribute are inspirational, exciting, and fill me with ideas, this is indispensable for me as an artist and designer.

Describe your process for creating 3D designs:

When I create 3D, much of my creative process is done in my mind; there is no draft, no sketches, just flowing the tools and techniques with the software. It is a precious moment of great learning that I always enjoy to the fullest.

Many times, I try to externalize what I feel at that moment, it's usually related to some event in my personal life. It's a form of introspection that is brought out by my renderings. At the same time, I think of inspiring whoever sees it and I hope that my work affects them positively in some way.

Technically my 3D creation process has the following components:

Emotions - Feelings - Surrealism - Beauty - Fun - Joy

What has been a challenge for you when creating 3D artwork, and what do you do to overcome it?

Every time I get in front of 3D software, it's a challenge for me. I know it will be a day of discoveries every time I open Cinema 4D, Blender, or Adobe Dimension because each one has its peculiarities and strengths.

I was attracted to 3D art not because I found it easy, but because I found it difficult; so every opportunity to create something is a reason to learn new techniques that I don't know yet, and that feeds my creative curiosity.

For me, creating in 3D is to have a daily life of challenges & experimentation, and that is precisely what motivates me: to learn and do something every day that I have not done before. It is a life full of creative surprises and satisfaction for me.

Monet - b

Still Life


As a freelance artist, can you share any tips for how to find clients?

Definitely develop the habit of creating and sharing. The pandemic has brought us great learnings. One of the most important learnings to take into account is the new opportunities to work remotely that have been translated into more opportunities to work globally.

No matter where you are, a client from another continent can discover you if you are continuously connected and show art on social networks.

Opportunities open up on their own when you do personal work, and the exciting thing is that future clients become interested in projects precisely because they have seen them.

A tip for me is to always have time to make and share personal work. It can get clients anywhere in the world and helps to develop new skills.

What are some of your favourite pieces that you’ve created and why?

Every piece I make, I celebrate. Every piece is an achievement and I think that small achievements should always be celebrated. Every post on Instagram is a new path that opens a new opportunity, a new celebration. Each of the pieces I make have a special place.

Do you have any career-related goals for the future?

To be an ambassador of 3D art/design in some way, to enhance female 3D art, and to be a source of inspiration to more people.

Pink Landscape

Bright World for Dark Times

Felling Letting Go

Set It On Fire

What is it like to live in Peru? What are some of your favourite things to do, places to visit, etc.

Peru is a diverse and multicultural country; it is full of inspiration wherever you visit. It is a country full of colour and experiences that open our senses.

Food for example is one of my favourites. Peru has one of the best gastronomies in the world. It is always a great pleasure to visit restaurants and taste our delicious food, it is something I love to do.

My favourite places to visit are to fly over the Nazca Lines and visit the Huacachina Oasis.

How can people best support your artwork?

There are different ways to support an artist, for me, you can show interest in my art with a like, share my art through social networks, or collect my NFTs. If anyone wants to discover how to create 3D art, a good way to do so is by following my courses on Domestika or Skillshare.

In the process of creating work, what have you learned about yourself?

Focusing on 3D art has been an experience with a steep learning curve. It is a job full of continuous exploration and challenges.

What I have learned from 3D is that I am a woman of challenges and that I want to continue to live a life full of constant new challenges, overcome fears, and achieve everything I want.

Check out Eveling's portfolio website here:

You can see more of Eveling's work on social media at:

Instagram: @eve__3d

YouTube: EvelingSalazar-

Twitter: @EvelingSalazar



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