Emmanuel Ignatius

Discover the work of Emmanuel Ignatius Bwibo, the genius behind Ignatius Arts. He adopts traditional African designs to express cultural pride in his creations.

Nairobi, Kenya

Banana Clip, November 2019

Emmanuel uses his talents to share visual stories about Black culture and shed light on the beauty of African women.

Namibia, September 2019

Mylah Shiv, December 2019

Black Girl Fly, April 2019

What elements do you choose to incorporate in your designs/illustrations and why?

In Kenya there are a lot of cultural practices that usually inspire me on a daily basis;

the people, the social construct, and our history. I choose to incorporate our beautiful African women because for a long time our women have been underrepresented. By showing our cultural practices, our story cannot be forgotten.

Her Highness, November 2019

Fela K, March 2020

Nebula Queen, July 2020

2 Black, March 2020

Blue for Sudan, June 2019