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Ana Sneeringer

Ana paints abstract and colourful portraits that show bold female faces. Her signature style includes a pigmented circle on the cheek.

Hyderabad, India

*Moving to Montgomery, Alabama, USA this April!


A former documentary journalist, her paintings are informed by her travel experiences and her studies about women in various communities around the world. She uses acrylics and oils for her paintings, while her sketches are made with watercolours.

I read my own future

*untitled - woman of African Himba Tribe*

I suggest you listen to yourself

forward bend

What are some characteristics of your artistic style?

I paint bold female faces that are skin colourless. Living around the world taught me some outstanding life lessons about women - behind the skin colour. So when you see my "white" portraits, you see the transparent colour representing equality to me.

I love using an almost dry brush while shading my muse's cheeks, eyes, and neck. Those rough brushstrokes represent the toughness of their spirits. One of the most outstanding features in my paintings is a boldly pigmented circle eclipsing either the right or left cheek.

The circle symbolizes unity, complete closure, and internal wholeness. To succeed in life – be happy, be a better person, etc. – one must look within. One cannot wait for someone else to rescue them or do all of their work. We can accomplish everything ourselves, but we must choose to take action.

I like mix matching all the colours. That gives vibrating life to my paintings.

close enough to hear you

abstract life

on the yellow chair

Originally from Slovenia, Ana has lived in many countries around the world.

How has your former career in documentary journalism influenced the work you create?

Ha, such a good question. I had been working in media for a very long time. I developed a TV show with a producer called 'You see what you want to see'. The show documented individuals, it was like a video interpretation of my portraits. Over the years, I made the connection that this is something that is still present in my artwork today.

Working as a journalist was a dream for me. I learned how to listen to, and bring the best quality out of, the person I was "painting" in video form.

Is there a message you strive to convey through your art?

Yes. The message is about equality between humans. I am no better than someone else in any shape or form. Some might be richer in the material world but not necessarily in the heart. We all have this power to be better ourselves, so why not be.

What motivated you to move to India?

Before I moved to India, I lived in other countries. When I left Slovenia, I lived in Jordan, France, Russia, The Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, and now India, which I will also leave soon. We moved due to my husband's work.


mayra seems



What do you like about creating abstract art?

There should be no limits in any shape of making art, but really, there is none in the abstract - that's why I love it.

How has your artwork developed over the years?

It went from abstract art to fine portraits to abstract portraits. When I started expressing myself in abstract form, at one point I had not felt fulfilled. I needed more challenge, so I took pencil and paper and threw myself into exploring drawing and painting fine art portraits.

Then, after years of working in that direction, I felt called to include a more abstract and surreal approach to my paintings. So I did. I brought more colours to my artwork and mixed more facial expressions into my abstract portraits.

What are some other elements that are often present in your work? And why do you include them?

You can often find a cactus in my artwork, which represents durability. Also, cowboy boots represent toughness.

walk your walk

my own space

red desert

When did your painting career begin?

I started painting in 2010. Painting for me was a form of doing something while I started my life journey around the world. I've started expressing myself through abstract art, but as I got more involved in other communities, I found myself painting portraits because a human would become my inspiration. It's a super exciting path to observe how something that used to be my inspiration developed through the years to where I am my inspiration now.

Do you have a preference for whom/what you paint?

I paint women. However, I see painting women as painting myself and my story through the female portraits and figures. Because I am a woman, I am unsure how I would paint myself as a male figure, but I do paint aspects of my female side and also my masculine side.

How did you initially learn and later refine your painting skills?

I am a self-taught artist. I progressed in my art by practicing every day. I've collected a lot of knowledge of mediums and materials from my dear artist friends worldwide, and through trials and tribulations.

Photo of Ana!

*untitled - Scandinavian woman*

mary go round

Have you collaborated with any individuals or companies? If so, what was it like seeing your art displayed on their products or in their spaces?

Yes, I collaborated with LIDL Slovenia and Europa Donna to raise awareness about breast cancer. I've also collaborated with a couple of nonprofit organizations - Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm from WA, USA, where you can find my artwork on their labels.

Recently, I collaborated with an Indian artist to raise money for SAFA, an NGO from Hyderabad, India, and DISINI eco-resort from Lombok, Indonesia, who installed commissioned artworks in their resort rooms to enhance the wisdom and knowledge of Indonesian women. I am also working on some other projects that I can't speak about yet.

What is your support system like?