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Ana de Santos Díaz

Vagus Magazine Spring 2021 Feature Story

Ana de Santos Díaz is an Interior Designer and 3D Illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. Her colourful work is reflective of precision, balance, and a vivid imagination.

Madrid, Spain


Ana began producing 3D designs as a way to visualize her concepts and explore the possibilities of interior designing without budget limitations.

How long have you been producing 3D artwork, and why did you start?

I have been producing 3D art for about 2 years. Producing [Interior Designs] in real life involves a lot of money in addition to having a client to do it for, so it seemed the best way to capture my ideas.

What about Interior Designing excites you and how do you translate this into 3D artwork?

The truth is that interior design is hard work that requires many hours but then it is gratifying when you see everything you have imagined come true. And the works of art in 3D is like seeing what you imagine but you can see it finished in much less time. In addition to that, as I have already mentioned, with interior designing you always have a client with a brief and strict budget; in the 3D world, you can do whatever you want without clients and without money.

How do your surroundings and experiences influence the work you create?

It influences everything, the more you see, walk or move, the more inspiration comes from anything. I am inspired by myself every day; when I walk, I travel, or I go to exhibitions and museums.



'Vivid Calm' collaboration with Jesús Mascaraque

Your work is very colourful and you show imaginative designs that aren’t present in the real world. Do you wish to see interior designs like yours brought to life?

Yes, I would love to see them come true at some point. I don't think I have a defined style but I do think that what characterizes me the most is color, geometric shapes, and patterns.

You often include stripes, arches, and square tiles or grids in your designs. Can you elaborate on your fascination with these elements?

I could not explain where the fascination for these elements comes from but they attract me a lot when it comes to designing.

If you had the creative freedom to design a city any way you wanted (buildings, colours, streets, cars, furniture, etc.), what would this city look like?

Full of color, of course, not so many special shapes but a lot of vivid and vibrant colors.

Collab with Eva Barreda Cristóbal

Pink Ritual


Classic Blue

Boom Color

How do you want to impact others who view your work? What message(s) do you want to convey.

I want to transmit happiness and joy that excites them and makes them feel the enthusiasm that I feel when I see it. I also have other more relaxing designs, and with those, I would like to transmit peace that can be felt when you teleport to that place.

Describe how your work has changed over the years.

From my first designs to the last ones it has changed a lot. Before I was more mentally rigid with myself and my designs, now I dare to experiment more, no matter how crazy it is or if it could be built in real life.

How do you conceptualize your work before you begin to produce it?

It depends, there are times that I will draw and make notes and others that I will directly use the computer as a blank canvas, and I add colors or shapes as it comes out.

Your geometric work is very balanced. How do you choose the colour palettes and the arrangement/sizes of circles and squares? Do you think your experience as an interior designer influences this?

The truth is that as I design, the colors and shapes come out on their own, it's like brushstrokes on a blank canvas. I think that my career and experience as an interior designer influences how I fit the spaces, dimensions, and ability to make the spaces more realistic since I know the real measurements or how things are built.

3D Geometry I

Black & White

Black & White, [with] A Point of Color

Your series “Relax” is simple and elegant. Why did you create it and what were you hoping to achieve with this series?

This series I created during confinement and it was the type of design that came out at that time. I think my mind wanted to relax and travel to dream places where I could be calm. For me it is therapeutic to design and depending on the moment, it comes out as more one style or another.

Ana's reasoning for designing Relax, as stated in her social media caption.

The other day I saw a post from @walaa.colorways that colors are the best to reduce anxiety because they have a conversation directly with our nervous system and emotions. It talked about lilac, peach and pastel green. At this time that we need so much peace of mind I wanted to contribute my grain of sand by creating relaxing and dreamlike places using only these colors so that when you feel nervous or exhausted you can look at them and calm anxiety. Who wouldn't want to teleport here?

Relax - Lavender

Relax - Peach

Relax - Pastel Green

What is summer like in Madrid, Spain? What are some of your favourite things to do, places to go, etc.?

Summer in Madrid is very hot, it is also a very dry place and the heat is more noticeable but it has incredible places to visit and there are always different things to do. Madrid only lacks the sea. For someone who has never been to Madrid, I would recommend going to its most central area, El Madrid de los Austrias, El Palacio Real, La Gran Vía ... And without a doubt visit a rooftop where you can have a drink and be able to see all of Madrid from the air. It is exciting!

Summer 89s II

Vacations Mood

Ritual II

"I have been dedicating myself to interior design for years but the 3D designs that I post on Instagram started as a hobby relating it to my work and I never thought they would have that repercussion for me, which makes me very happy."

What motivates you to produce creative work?

That people like it, that I can inspire them and be able to transmit positivity in this crazy world, as well as being able to live off of something you love.

You’ve been published in numerous magazine articles; has the publicity helped your career and what does media recognition mean to you?

The recognition of the media is very rewarding since you see that your designs are liked and transmit something not only to yourself. And of course, advertising has helped my career but I don't know how much.

What has been your most memorable experience as an artist?

Work or being contacted by important brands that I never thought would notice me.

What are your goals for the near present future?

I would like new exciting projects to come out of me and for my works to be sold all over the world.

Ritual I

Collab with Eva Barreda Cristóbal

You can view more of Ana's work on her Instagram and purchase her prints through the shop on her website!

Instagram: @as2_3d

Portfolio Website:

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