Ana de Santos Díaz

Vagus Magazine Spring 2021 Feature Story

Ana de Santos Díaz is an Interior Designer and 3D Illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. Her colourful work is reflective of precision, balance, and a vivid imagination.

Madrid, Spain


Ana began producing 3D designs as a way to visualize her concepts and explore the possibilities of interior designing without budget limitations.

How long have you been producing 3D artwork, and why did you start?

I have been producing 3D art for about 2 years. Producing [Interior Designs] in real life involves a lot of money in addition to having a client to do it for, so it seemed the best way to capture my ideas.

What about Interior Designing excites you and how do you translate this into 3D artwork?

The truth is that interior design is hard work that requires many hours but then it is gratifying when you see everything you have imagined come true. And the works of art in 3D is like seeing what you imagine but you can see it finished in much less time. In addition to that, as I have already mentioned, with interior designing you always have a client with a brief and strict budget; in the 3D world, you can do whatever you want without clients and without money.

How do your surroundings and experiences influence the work you create?

It influences everything, the more you see, walk or move, the more inspiration comes from anything. I am inspired by myself every day; when I walk, I travel, or I go to exhibitions and museums.



'Vivid Calm' collaboration with Jesús Mascaraque

Your work is very colourful and you show imaginative designs that aren’t present in the real world. Do you wish to see interior designs like yours brought to life?

Yes, I would love to see them come true at some point. I don't think I have a defined style but I do think that what characterizes me the most is color, geometric shapes, and patterns.

You often include stripes, arches, and square tiles or grids in your designs. Can you elaborate on your fascination with these elements?

I could not explain where the fascination for these elements comes from but they attract me a lot when it comes to designing.

If you had the creative freedom to design a city any way you wanted (buildings, colours, streets, cars, furniture, etc.), what would this city look like?

Full of color, of course, not so many special shapes but a lot of vivid and vibrant colors.

Collab with Eva Barreda Cristóbal

Pink Ritual