Aistė Plechaviciute

Aistė lends her graphic design skills to the world of nail artistry, creating exquisite and admirable designs.

Chicago, Illinois

Her work may be recognized under the name "Hey Great Nails", a platform that flaunts chic designs and inspires many who come across it. Prior to making nail artwork, Aistė has worked as a Graphic Designer, Marketing Specialist, and Business Owner.

Why does nail art appeal to you?

Nail art for me is a safe place where I can express myself; I can be me and create. Creativity is my passion, it is almost like a therapy where I’m in my zone creating and I lose track of time. I love nail art because you can make a statement, you can show who you are or it can just compliment your look like a piece of jewelry. Through nail art you can connect with like-minded people or people who you never knew would appreciate your art. You can raise awareness, educate, or share a story behind it.

Another exciting part of nail art for me is to capture the right moment in my pictures and showcase it in the best way possible. There are literally endless possibilities and reasons why nail art can be great. I use nails as a tiny canvas to tell my stories. It’s not always deep, but it can be when you want to. I also want to inspire people. I love sharing my knowledge and seeing people become inspired, recreating my work.

Not everyone has the confidence to share their work. I know it’s not easy to overcome your fears of being exposed, aware of your imperfections like skin textures, finger length, nail shapes, or even the fact that people will be judging your creative abilities and ideas. I’m self-conscious too and I doubt myself sometimes just like we all do in our moments of weakness. Seeing people be inspired by me and follow their own creative journeys, improve their skills, build confidence, and empower themselves through nail art is something that keeps me going. It’s really rewarding and I absolutely love it.

I choose to create art to tell stories about things I care about, find interesting, or feel inspired by.

What are some sources of inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration everywhere. People ask me this question all the time and I always say - inspiration can be found literally anywhere. I am a professionally trained creative, so I just have a habit of collecting and hoarding images of things I like and find inspiring. I can never know where my best ideas might come from or when the right time will come for them to see the light. So I collect a bunch of different interesting visuals and I think of ways to turn them into art. We just need to pay attention. See what fascinates us, what things we care about, what do we get excited about? And then think of how we can turn it into something that expresses us. Things that often inspire me are other artists, fashion, nature (color palettes/organic shapes), design. Even products like nail polish itself can give me an idea and inspire me to create.

Have you considered using another canvas for your artwork?

I used to paint & sketch. I still sketch my ideas on my iPad or notebooks. It’s really hard to find time to properly paint, since I already have a full-time job and so much work on Instagram as a content creator.